I’m so excited to share this post with you guys because today was so impacting on me. I would consider myself a very emotionally driven person, but today made me the most emotional I have been in a while. Both in good and sad aspects and because of that I want to share this moment to bring awareness through my social media!
Today, September 15, 2018, I got blessed to wake up another day and the opportunity to attend the Indianapolis, Indiana’s OUT OF THE DARKNESS Suicide Awareness Walk. “Walking, you join the effort with hundreds of thousands of people to raise awareness and funds that allow the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to invest in new research, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, support survivors of suicide loss, and many who are currently battling and contemplating different mental health problems today. ” -AFSP


The event consisted of hearing some speakers talk about the impact of this walk. I understood that it’s more than just a walk, but also a movement. This walk was along the White River in the downtown area. I mention this because every so often I take this walk myself. I usually walk it with my fiancé and we walk 3k of it. We conversate, enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature, and so on in the typical. BUT…After today this walk along the river is more than a walk for me. It means something deeper to me something deeper than just ME.




To watch so many people come together for this was just so impacting and so emotional. I teared up listening to some of the stories of the speakers, losing their loved ones. Sons, daughters, friends, and even people they don’t know, but understand and connect with because of how suicide has impacted them. It’s movements like this that for a moment we can break barriers that are believed through our society to make us different. WHEN WE ARE ALL THE SAME AND WE ARE COMING TOGETHER TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER AS HUMAN BEINGS. It’s beautiful… it’s emotional.


There were tons of poster boards along the walk to remind you of different things surrounding suicide prevention. Some were just to encourage one another, and it was just truly amazing! Right before the walk, there was an area where you had the option to select beads colors to wear. Each bead color symbolized how suicide impacts you. Each color giving the significance of losing a loved a parent, friend, spouse, know of someone, supporting the cause, and even just you fighting at the moment. That’s okay too. Keep fighting because you are LOVED, PRECIOUS, AND WORTH LIVING! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

In the picture, you can see I have teal, blue, purple, and GREEN. I emphasize on green because Yes, I struggle personally. Every day is a battle for me. There is no rest or day off. People forget that Mental Health doesn’t work like that. Especially in my culture. Suicide isn’t talked about enough and lacks the resources to prevent suicide. SUICIDE doesn’t care what your race, age, ethnicity, preference, gender, etc. I’ve battled suicide. BUT, this post isn’t about me right now and I don’t want to make it about myself. It’s about bringing awareness, this walk, and about reaching out to every one of you who are struggling! I mentioned this because I want you to know YOU’RE NOT ALONE, I UNDERSTAND, I TOO AM BATTLING, AND THIS IS A FIGHT WE WILL OVERCOME.



I thank god today. That I am alive today…that I am given more than just a life, BUT a VOICE! Today reminds me again of the importance of pursuing a career in mental health. Today, I related to my peers and people I didn’t even know at this event because we were all fighting against suicide. Supporting those who are survivors of loved ones who have committed suicide and preventing suicide from taking any more lives.



#stopsuicide/afsp.org/Check on your loved ones/ Reach out

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Text Talk to 741741 : 24/7 text with a trained counselor from the crisis line

CrisisChat. org





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