Here I Come Mexico

Although it’s been a couple of quiet weeks not posting. These last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing myself for one of the biggest trips that mean the world to me, Mexico. I will be leaving this Saturday to Moctezuma, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. A small little town where my father was born and raised. I can already smell the meat from the morning tacos because I can eat literally anything at any time. The sound of Mexican music creeping into my dreams that eventually wakes me up. Starting my mornings in the best way possible. Walking out the rusty blue door of the house I last stayed in. To seeing everyone in town already wide awake and ready to hustle for the day. There’s so much to take in and I know there will not be enough time for it all. Since I will only be there for two weeks. Lastly, I can already envision running up to my father and holding him tight once again like I just didn’t see him about a year and a half ago.
My previous trip there (a year and a half ago) was the first time seeing him after 10 years of not seeing him. It had been that long, and I was beginning to forget how he even looked like when he smiled or when he laughed. That’s all we ever did was laugh about everything when he was still a part of my childhood. That trip changed my life. Reuniting with my father after a very rocky relationship with him. Some our fault and some out of our control. Now that I came back from that first trip.
I promised myself I would try to go every year until he can come to me. My father and I have been working so hard to build us I guess you can say “father-daughter bond”. This year has been a little rougher due to my grandmother passing away. Its tested us a little. I’m hoping being there for my father is exactly what he needs. I can tell how excited he is to have me there especially for my birthday. I’m sure he can tell that I’m even more excited to spend time with my brother and him.
Although I was born and raised in Indiana. When I’m there (Mexico) I feel like I have lived there my whole life. I don’t feel the clash of both my cultures. Being born in the U.S., raised more American, but having proud roots of Mexican still doing all the traditions. Not to mention just getting away from home and getting some time for myself to provide healing and reflection somewhere else is great on the soul.
I’m ready to see my brother and father, ready to breathe fresh air, here I come Mexico!!


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