Give Without Expecting

The world will not treat you better just because you are a good person.

It’s the harsh truth of living in this world. I do believe you’re setting yourself up for disappointment to expect things in return. A lot of the time we do something for someone we expect it in return. Although the truth is other people don’t owe us anything. You choose to be either good or bad. Why do we choose to be like that? 9 times out of 10 its out of expectations… Most of us believe that by being good people, good things like “good karma” will happen to us too. Many believe that life works in this cycle.

Choosing to be a good person should come from within. It should come from wanting to see the people around you and in general strive and have the same opportunities you have or can have. Just because you’re a good person doesn’t mean someone will be equally good to you. It’s not about that it’s about YOU. What does being good do to you in a variety of aspects that have nothing to do with expecting from others or the universe?…


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