A letter to my ex-Best Friend. 

Dear ex-best friend,

I want to apologize for the last words I got to say to you. We didn’t end on a good note and for that I apologize, but I can’t apologize for the anything else I have already apologized for in the moment. I shared a lot of great memories with you..we laughed, we cried, and we made a variety of other memories. You were there every moment I needed you the most when fighting my own inner demons and I remember being there when you got ill and I was the only one at the hospital. Just so many memories that still run through my mind to this day that I will cherish between us, but the reason we are not best friends nor even friends at this point is because of you. I’m not saying you were all to blame. I know I had my own issues, but you were initially the reason I chose to cut this friendship off. There were moments where this friendship just didn’t feel like a healthy friendship. There were comments, non-trusting moments, competitive, jealousy, insensitive moments, and other things that I could go in depth about, but thats not the point of this letter. The point of this letter is to close where we left at last time. To where we can both move on peace and perhaps start somewhere new now or later in life. Or simply just move on and cherish and nourish our new friendships. I was in an angered phase for a moment, but once I got that out of my system I only then realized that is not what I am or who I want to be. I dont want to hate you for it or be angry at you for this. I simply want to wish you the best because I choose to only remember the best of our friendship. You were my best friend and I will never forget that. I do hope someday we could be great friends again. Until then I wish you the best and all the blessings in this world!




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  1. Speaking from experience I had where I removed myself out of a best friend situation, I hope like me you can again resume friendship in a few years. It will never be the same but it will be part of your growth and journey.

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    1. This friend and I do speak now. I’m 100% sure she actually read this post, but you’re right it is not the same. I wouldn’t allow for it to be the same either. I have chosen to close it and let it be a part of my growth and journey like you have stated. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it!


  2. Was also in the same situation, except she ended the friendship instead of me. It took two full years, but we made it. I think the best part was knowing that we were both okay and had moved on peacefully. It’s almost as if the letting go was what brought us back together (as backwards as that sounds).
    I have much hope for you!

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    1. Its amazing to see you both come back together. She and I talk, but as much as I miss having her be my best friend. We just grew apart to much through the distance we created. We just now speak on the basics and I’m better off like that than I was before. Thank you for sharing love 💖

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  3. Enjoyed your post, I think this is something that happens to all of us. I ‘lost’ a friend of 40 years, was heartbreaking. We’ve since somehow mended the rift, but sadly the friendship is no longer the same.


  4. Very poignant piece. Reminds me of when I recently almost ended a best friendship. I decided that we’ve been through far too much to do that. I’m glad that I decided to hang in there. I hope that your relationship works itself out.

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    1. Thank you! Also, thank you for sharing your persepctive too. That run through my mind, but at the end. I did decide to end the type of relationship I had with this person. However, we still keep contact here and there. I’m grateful for the time I did have with this friend and will cherish it moving forward with my life.


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