A letter to my ex-Best Friend. 

Dear ex-best friend, I want to apologize for the last words I got to say to you. We didn't end on a good note and for that I apologize, but I can't apologize for the anything else I have already apologized for in the moment. I shared a lot of great memories with you..we laughed,... Continue Reading →

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I'm so excited to share this post with you guys because today was so impacting on me. I would consider myself a very emotionally driven person, but today made me the most emotional I have been in a while. Both in good and sad aspects and because of that I want to share this moment... Continue Reading →

2018 Concerts

Throughout this year, I've had the opportunity this summer to enjoy it filled with vibrant music! It's the first summer that I went to as many as concerts as I have.  One that was not shown was Jessie Reyez and NF. I want to keep this post short so I'm going to share some of... Continue Reading →

Holding On Or Letting Go

I know most people will read this post and automatically think I'm in a relationship crisis, but this is NOT the case! lol, Jesse and I are great! ANYWAYS, Most of us have heard it before that saying "sometimes friendship breakups hurt more than relationship break-ups". I guess this is one of those situations I've... Continue Reading →

Here I Come Mexico

Although it's been a couple of quiet weeks not posting. These last couple of weeks I've been preparing myself for one of the biggest trips that mean the world to me, Mexico. I will be leaving this Saturday to Moctezuma, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. A small little town where my father was born and raised.... Continue Reading →

The World Won’t Wait For Us

Many of us tend to say that "we have our entire lives" to worry about things or to do such things. Although we may have that time. It's not guaranteed, and we forget that. We take it for granted a lot of the time. In a moment our lives could slip away from this rope... Continue Reading →

Give Without Expecting

The world will not treat you better just because you are a good person. It's the harsh truth of living in this world. I do believe you're setting yourself up for disappointment to expect things in return. A lot of the time we do something for someone we expect it in return. Although the truth... Continue Reading →

You’re Not For Everyone

Some people are so unstable and toxic in their own lives. They choose to ruin you because that makes them feel better. Instead of using your support and your great qualities as motivation to better themselves. They choose to destroy you. So yes....You're not for everyone.Sometimes you're too much...Too much patience for those who can... Continue Reading →

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