A letter to my ex-Best Friend. 

Dear ex-best friend, I want to apologize for the last words I got to say to you. We didn't end on a good note and for that I apologize, but I can't apologize for the anything else I have already apologized for in the moment. I shared a lot of great memories with you..we laughed,... Continue Reading →

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I get told that my depression is not real That my pain is temporary That my emptiness is imaginary That I'm not actually hurting myself That cutting is only an accessory to my attention I get told that if I'm breathing then I must be alive That I don't know of dying until I'm actually... Continue Reading →

You’re Not For Everyone

Some people are so unstable and toxic in their own lives. They choose to ruin you because that makes them feel better. Instead of using your support and your great qualities as motivation to better themselves. They choose to destroy you. So yes....You're not for everyone.Sometimes you're too much...Too much patience for those who can... Continue Reading →

How I Stay Confident

I'm so excited to share this post because there is no better feeling than helping and empowering people! On becoming confident...I want to start off by saying. I wasn't always confident. Growing up I struggled to really find confidence in myself. To love every part of me and own it. To practice self-care and more.... Continue Reading →

I Got Engaged!!!

In all the years I have lived. Not once have I been to the ocean. I have been dating Jesse Ray for about four years and a half. Seriously, since I met him my life has been changed forever. He truly makes me want to be a better person every day. I've never met someone... Continue Reading →

Miami Zoo

I'm so excited to get to share some of the pictures that I was able to take at the Miami Zoo in Florida. It was amazing! I loved that it was so green, it felt like I was walking through the woods. There is a lot of walking. I didn't realize how big this zoo... Continue Reading →

Awareness Week #NEDA

I've only been blogging for less than a month. I can only say how incredible this blogging community has been to me and in general. So many stories I've got to read from many readers. It truly encourages me to keep sharing and to support one another! I wanted to share with all of you... Continue Reading →

15 Facts About Me

I'm still new to blogging. WordPress has been a great opportunity for me to reach out and to also be heard. I seriously love it. There are so many things I'm writing about and creating/learning about ways I can connect with you all and you with me. I seriously love this community!. I created this... Continue Reading →

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